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Our Vision


 At refined player our personal training is exactly what you need to help your child perform at the level they need to achieve their goals and have a consistent positive attitude!

Refined player believes; the key is to help the student athlete run through a quick mental checklist to make sure that they are in control of themself, focused on the situation, and ready to trust themselves and react naturally!

Through our positive training atmosphere, our experience helps athletes  define, develop, and achieve their personal goals.

It's All About Attitude!

We specialize in teaching sport fundamentals, technical skills development, and team play. We concentrate primarily on shooting, ball handling, passing and footwork, and especially the mental aspect of the game.

"A small amount of focus and extra time produce amazing results!"

"My method is different than anyone else out there. I focus on the mental aspect of a player's performance. When we get that right, there's no limit to what they can do."

"I want to work with as many kids as possible to see them improve in their sport, but also to help prepare them for life." - Keith Dunn

Coach Keith

Coach Keith Dunn has coached for over 17 years and has been able to transform players and teams into excited winners.

He played basketball at Shorter college and his wife, Stephanie Dunn, at University of Georgia.

Together they are a dynamic team focused on developing young players.