Testimonials for Keith Dunn

Randi Ellis

Wow! My first session today with Refined Player was truly unforgettable! It reminded me of how preparation in the off season is essential to being ready for regular season and how things learned on the court can also be applied to every situation in life. Working on one's mentality and endurance first with the fundamentals following up proves to be what will truly make a difference when it comes game time. Today I was pushed to my limit more than I thought I would be with my muscle endurance and my mentality when I was tired or feeling pain but I know that every piece of pain I felt was me becoming stronger mentally and physically if I just gave it my all until it was over. Coach Keith Dunn is the real deal and I definitely wish I could have trained with him way before now instead of before trying out for a division one school. I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting to truly be an amazing player and person in life and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the top. After today, I am more motivated and ready to jump in and prepare in all the right ways to reach my goal of the WNBA than I have ever been #readytowork! (

Stephanie Bailey Stewart

If you are looking for training/coaching for your child. Coach Keith Dunn with Refined Player (Rome, Ga) is the best. He works great with kids teaching so many skills and fundamentals. He teaches your child to believe in themselves while on the court, and off the court. He teaches the metal aspect of the game for all ages. Coach Keith played a huge roll in setting the foundation of basketball for our daughter, and for that we are thankful!

Julie Chambers Early

Are you the parent that wants to see your child perform his or her best on the field/court while reaching milestones in their self-confidence level as well? I highly recommend Refined Player and Coach Keith Dunn. Coach Dunn can easily identify your child's ability level and guide them on a tailored training program, while allowing them to believe in themselves to become the best athlete they can be. Thank you Coach for using your talents for Him and for what Refined Player has done for our son! The Early

Brandi Couey

Wow! I am speechless! Cole had his first basketball workout today with Keith Dunn! It was absolutely amazing! Not only is he teaching these kids about basketball, he is teaching them lessons that will last a life time!! Cole told me as we left that he is a leader, and he just needs to learn to communicate... Lesson one.. Complete!!!

Billy Reynolds

Coach Keith,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for all of your hard work, encouragement, and positive influence on Scott. It looks like as a freshman he will start as varsity safety and second string running back. During this past summer he posted the fastest 40 (4.6), the fastest 20 (2.4), and the highest vertical (34 inches) on the entire high school team. He had a good work ethic but you clicked with him and helped develop it. I hope we have an opportunity to work with you again. Thank you and God bless


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