Training Prices

Inspiring kids to perform their best!

We offer affordable individual, group, and team rates.
Your investment in your child will have many lifelong returns. 

The time is now!!!!

"Self discipline is one of the most important skills to develop and this will not only help you get in better shape it will make you more mentally tough."  

Remember to always confirm by text the night before training, letting me know if you will still be attending the session.  Bringing a journal to document.

Individual Training

$60 Per Session - 1.5 Hours
Multi-Session Prices Below

Refund Policy: No refund if 12 hours notice of cancellation is not given.


12 Sessions - $550


10 Sessions - $460


8 Sessions - $360


Group Training

3 or More Players

12 Sessions: $420 per Player

1 Time Individual Training


Coaching Clinics

Call Keith for Pricing - 706-728-0961


Team Camp

Call Keith for Pricing - 706-728-0961